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King Mo on 'friend' Kimbo Slice and Bill Goldberg's 'crazy punching power'

King Muhammed Lawal joined Submission Radio once again to talk about Kimbo Slice and former WCW star Bill Goldberg's surprisingly competent MMA game.

King Muhammed Lawal joined Submission Radio this week and the outspoken Bellator star had some positive words to say about his two high profile team mates, former WCW star Bill Goldberg and the famed street fighter Kimbo Slice who has recently decided to make the return to mixed martial arts after an almost 5 year hiatus.

While asked if he had any interest in fighting Kimbo Slice, Lawal remarked that when starting out he had aspirations of fighting the brawler but now as the pair have became friends things have changed:

'You know what, I used to be, but now I’m not because we train at the same gym. So Kimbo is an actual friend, and when we train together, you know what I’m saying; Like I’m ok with beating everybody else up. Kimbo? Nah. Because we need Kimbo.'

While Scott Coker and matchmaker Rich Chou likely have fights in mind for Kimbo, Lawal already has a few fights he would like to see his team mate in.

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'I would like to see Kimbo fight James Toney or Ray Mercer again, you know just match up with guys that will bring eyes to Bellator. You know what I’m saying? Like I want to see what could a Street Fighter could do against an ex-champion boxer. Stuff like that. that's what I wanna see. Kimbo vs Butterbean. Why not? Because everyone talks about "oh we don’t want to see freak shows". Well, you want to see knockouts? Everyone wants to see knockouts. Well why don’t you match up two guys that swing for the fences against each other?'

Following the discussion of Kimbo Slice the topic of conversation transitioned to one of Lawal's unlikely new stablemate former pro wrestling star Bill Goldberg.

'Well first of all man, he’s a fast learner. He has some crazy power, great athlete, very knowledgeable. Like it shocked me, because like a lot of guys in pro wrestling, they know this stuff, but they're kind of like, you know they're kind of quiet about it. He’s a fan of the sport, he studies it. I don’t know just mechanically he’s good. I hope he gets a chance to fight. And I wouldn’t mind bringing him in to my next camp if I fight at heavyweight. I’d bring him in to help me train for my next fight.'

The possibility of bringing Goldberg in as a training has partner has crossed Lawal's mind though he has his apprehensions:

'It's like this, not for sparring; 'cause like I don't wanna get hit by him. I've watched him throw a one-two. So if he touches me, I'd be in pain or wouldn't feel nothing 'cause I'd be sleeping. My needs are for body positioning because he's so strong, so quick and explosive and athletic that against the cage; like when I try and grab him, he just threw me off like I was like a little flea. He just threw me, So if I can like grab a hold of him and like make him carry my weight and just stay there, and just stay consistent on someone that strong and explosive, then I can do it to anybody. So I'd bring him in for that purpose, and probably just like moving around and work on my defense; 'cause man he's pretty quick. And he has snap in his punches and he hits so hard. I just don't wanna get hit by him.'

Finally, King Mo, who took an unorthodox approach to his early career which included taking fights in Japan to gain experience was asked to give some advice to his team mate:

'I would like to see him get in an MMA fight. First of all, the amateur fight, I wouldn't go out and fight that. For what? You know what I’m saying? Like no one's going to fight him and if they try and fight him, they’ll be somebody with experience that fought before, and lie, and tries to like take his head off. They’ll pay miserably, but you know what, put him out there and let him fight on Spike TV. You know, why not? Let him fight on Spike TV. Let him headline a card. 'Cause he has a big following, he's a superstar, a big fan base. If I were Bellator I’d be talking to him.'

Listen to the full interview above (from 00:01:37 mark) where he talks about Kimbo Slice, Bill Goldberg and his upcoming fight against Cheick Kongo at Bellator 134 on February 24th in Uncasville, Connecticut.