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Dana White on Anderson Silva vs. Georges St-Pierre - 'I would definitely make that fight'

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UFC president Dana White still hasn't given up hope of a superfight between Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

It seems the the elusive superfight that was never able to come together still might have a glimmer of hope. An incredibly faint hope, but still. UFC president Dana White did a short impromptu media scrum after UFC 183 while the rest of the main card had already completed the post-fight press conference but the media was still waiting for Anderson Silva, the victor in the main event that night. White was asked about the possibility of Anderson fighting Georges St-Pierre someday, and here was his answer:

"Yeah I think anything is possible. If Georges St-Pierre wanted that fight, I would definitely make that fight. I'm sure Anderson would too."

Right then, as if on cue, Anderson stepped up onto the stage. After reiterating many times that he has no idea what his future holds because he has to go home and talk to his family, he was asked about a possible GSP fight. Instead of directly addressing that, he once again emphasized that his son was crying when he spoke to him and doesn't want him to fight any more, so he had to go home and talk to his family about his future.

The subject of a GSP/Silva fight has come up many times in the past, with GSP seeming to be the unwilling party in the deal because he would have to move up in weight. When St-Pierre stepped away from the sport after UFC 167 and Anderson broke his leg at UFC 168, it was finally something everyone had given up on. Well, not it's back - for better or worse.