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Frank Trigg: Georges St-Pierre 'is not that good anymore', he'd be 'lucky to break into the top five'

Frank Trigg isn't optimistic about Georges St-Pierre's chances against today's top UFC welterweights.

Frank Trigg was a guest at Submission Radio and he spoke about a myriad of topics including a potential return of Georges St-Pierre, and the current state of the 170 lb division. The former top UFC contender, who has fought both St-Pierre and Lawler during his career, wasn't too high about GSP's chances against today's top welterweights.

Here's GSP, last year, talking about the potential of his return

"GSP a year and half ago and Robbie Lawler now, GSP wins every single time without a doubt. It’s not even a question. Anybody that knows the sport knows that."

"The problem is GSP is out, and him trying to come back after his layoff, he's crap. He’ll be lucky honestly, 'cause of the way the welterweight division, because of how tightly skewed it is, how tight that division is, GSP would be lucky to break into the top five when he comes back."

"The reality of it is, GSP is not that good anymore. Johny Hendricks tested him as far as he wanted to be pushed and almost broke him in half; and personally I think that fight should have been a draw as opposed to GSP winning that fight when him and Hendricks fought. But he realized 'hey I’m really getting to the end of my rope. I’m really getting to the end of my athletic career'. Why go out and have a win/loss, like my last five fights or 3-2. Why not go out on this great record and be the best champion the UFC has ever had, and he can walk away."

Listen to the entire interview on the clip above where Trigg talks about his bouts against Matt Hughes and Robbie Lawler, and a dream match against B.J. Penn that never materialized.