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Bisping and Schaub pick the five most underrated fighters in the UFC

Michael Bisping, Brendan Schaub, and Bryan Callen take a shot at picking the top five most underrated fighters in the UFC. And there's not much overlap between their lists.

Who is the most underrated fighter in the UFC? It's a tough question to answer considering all the different variables involved. Well, Michael Bisping and Brendan Schaub (along with Bryan Callen) take a shot in the video above. Each man picked a list of five, and only one fighter came up on multiple lists. Normally I wouldn't spoil something like this and tell you to watch the video, but it's not exactly earth-shattering so I'll run down their lists:

1. Jose Aldo
2. Patrick Cummins
3. Dennis Bermudez
4. Demetrious Johnson
5. Frankie Edgar

1. Jordan Mein
2. Eddie Alvarez
3. Lorenz Larkin
4. Dong Hyun Kim
5. Patrick Cummins

1. Ronaldo Souza
2. Yoel Romero
3. Khabib Nurmagomedov
4. Matt Mitrione
5. Thiago Alves

My first thought was - what the hell is Brendan Schaub thinking? Two champions and a former champion? I think his list qualifies more under the banner of "under-appreciated" as opposed to "underrated". I like Bisping's list, even though he included his training partner in Larkin. Cullen's list is decent too, except for the last pick. Sorry, Thiago Alves is not underrated in my eyes.

What do you think?