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Al Iaquinta on trashed hotel room after Lauzon fight: I had to sneak in the back and steal some vodka

UFC lightweight Al Iaquinta retells the story where he trashed a hotel room following a victory over Joe Lauzon.

Some fighters choose to celebrate their hard fought victories by spoiling themselves with a nice dinner; some find the energy to move their celebration over to a nightclub; Al Iaquinta, however, got drunk off stolen liquor and trashed his hotel room in remarkably destructive fashion.

On Jan. 31, following his victory over Joe Lauzon on the main card portion of UFC 183, Iaquinta found his way into the backstage area of the MGM Grand, where he stole several bottles of vodka from the bar, and then attempted to drink himself into a stupor.

"I was hammered, bro," Iaquinta said. ... "Conor McGregor gets like a $75 million glass of freakin' whatever the hell he gets. I had to sneak in the back and steal some vodka."

Following an entertaining press conference, Iaquinta proceeded back to his hotel room, where he attempted his best hurricane impression and wrecked his entire hotel room. Since he would later mistakenly post the video - he thought he was using his Snapchat and not his Instagram - the extent of the damage done to his room was evidently clear.

"That wasn't good," Iaquinta said. "That was bad. I [mistook] my Snapchat for my Instagram. That's what must have happened. The videos got out there."

While matters could have taken a turn for the worst, Iaqunita managed to squeeze his way out of the situation relatively unscathed. He did not regret his actions, and even hinted that this may not be the last of his post-fight celebrations.

"That's the best time to wreck something," Iaquinta said. "I just won. Go crazy."

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