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Video: Tarverdyan: Ronda Rousey beats Holly Holm in a boxing match

Rousey's coach doesn't just think Ronda beats Holly Holm in MMA, he believes she would even beat the former boxing world champ in her original sport.

UFC 184 will be headlined by Ronda Rousey vs. Cat Zingano, and the co-headliner will feature former world champion boxer Holly Holm's debut in another female bout that could determine the next challenger to the belt.

During media day at GFC, Rousey's coach was asked about Ronda's improvements in the striking department, and according to him, not only would she win in an MMA bout, she would fare the same way in Holm's original sport.

"Ronda beats Holly in a boxing match," Edmond Taverdyan said. "I don't believe, I know so."

Holm was a three-division boxing world champion and has compiled an impressive record of 33-2-3 in her career. She's in the conversation among being one of the best female boxing champs in history, but despite of all of Holm's accolades Taverdyan still has that strong belief in his star pupil.

"Absolutely," he said when asked if he believes Rousey is the best striker in women's MMA. "Her skills improve everyday. We have her sparring with boxing world champions in the gym. I've never seen Ronda lose a single round."

"Name me one (male MMA Fighter) that can get the best of boxing world champions within every round," he challenged. "Maybe one round they might."

"I'm not going to underestimate any of the fighters or talk negative about any of the MMA fighters out there. They're great. There's a few of them can really box and they do box with professional world champions -- but not the way Ronda does."

If you're having trouble viewing the clip above you can also watch it on YouTube.