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GSP happy about UFC testing announcement: 'Clearly a big step in the right direction'

Former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has weighed in with his thoughts on the UFC newly announced increased drug testing program, and it sounds like the former champ is in favor.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

On Wednesday, February 18th, the UFC announced a brand new drug testing policy, to take effect July 1st of 2015. The policy would put more money behind out of competition testing, especially in markets without their own commission oversight, as well as pushing commissions for harsher penalties (as much as 4 years for a first offense) against caught PED users. A major step of that plan would be the use of a 3rd party oversight agency, which would potentially also handle year round random tests of the entire UFC roster. It was a pretty huge deal if you're in favor of the UFC cracking down on performance enhancing drugs and at least one public proponent of harsher testing took notice.

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre took to Twitter to show his interest in and support of the UFC's actions:

GSP is already on the record, saying that he would not return to MMA without some former of increased drug testing and penalties in place. And while general reports from the fighter and his camp suggest that his retirement may indeed be a permanent one, who knows? Perhaps the UFC's move toward increased testing could push him toward an eventual return to the Octagon.