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How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? GSP on the NBA All-Star Game, PED's, 50 Shades of Grey

The week's most interesting bits from the MMA and UFC twitter world.

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse


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"The sponsor game is rough right now. Most fighters walking out in their own tees that they are selling and make the profit. I'm one of them."  -James Krause

"I love my mom more then anyone on this earth but part of me will never forgive her for throwing out my Pokémon cards."  -Nick Newell

"Headed to Brazil 2morrow. told me they don't have Internet, toilet paper, good fighters, cars, or manners. Should be fun."  -Cody Gibson

"Anyone have a taco recipe that I can eat and still lose weight. Lol I love tacos."  -Paige VanZant

"---> @MikeyRicci will know lol "  -Rory MacDonald, replying to Paige.

"I am officially a Costco member. I feel fancy... Let's see how this goes"  -David Michaud

"People in Costco are mean"  -David Michaud

"I'm flying to Germany tomorrow. Excited to go there. Sure hope whoever is next to me on the plane doesn't mind holding my hand though."  -Stipe Miocic

"Did you know microwaveing a AA battery recharges it! Cus it doesn't!"  -Forrest Griffin



"I think of you fail a post fight drug test for PEDs it should be 100% of your purse to teach the cheaters a lesson & help clean up the sport"  -Nick Newell

"It's terrible how athletes can get hooked on pain killers. Medicinal marijuana should be legal for athletes"  -Cub Swanson, or like legalized, period.

"@bisping had me dying on his @UFCONFOX buzzer on PED. He might have the UFC record for fighting the most fighters on the sauce!"  -Tyron Woodley

"@bisping I stay neutral, but looked at ur fight history&was like damn! Only thing Im testin positive 4 is #HardWork & #Dedication #OldSchool"  -Tyron Woodley

"Just got a much appreciated call from @lorenzofertitta it's evident PEDs in MMA are a serious concern to him & that he wants to see change."  -Tim Kennedy



"50 Shades of #SHITE #dontwasteyoutime"  -Diego Sanchez

"Real men don't dominate and abuse women—they cherish and protect them; and real women don't submit to immature fiends like Christian Grey."  -Diego Sanchez







Suffering at IMCO Gymnastics - check out for full video!

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Breaking down some Harana on the guitar. #TagalogSongs #IfMannyCanSingSoCanI

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Photo from @chit_chak ! Thanks for having me as a special guest for this month's CC chat men's fashion trend !

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#tbt @poisesouthbay ✨

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