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Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz, Hector Lombard all handed temporary suspensions by NAC

Temporary suspensions are going like hot cakes in the February 17th Nevada State Athletic Commission hearing. Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz, Hector Lombard, and Ashlee Evans-Smith's cases were all up for review.

Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Today was a big day for the Nevanda State Athletic Comission (NAC) four UFC fighters were up on review for drug test failures in connection with recent UFC events. The biggest news was centered around dealing with the drug test failure of Anderson Silva, who tested positive for drostanolone in two separate tests as well as two relaxers/sedatives oxazepam and temazepam. To go along with Silva's failed UFC 183 test, his dance partner in the main event, Nick Diaz, tested positive for marijuana metabolites in his post-fight drug test.  Sentencing for both men was brief and really more of a formality until a bigger hearing to decide their actual punishments.

Hector Lombard, who popped for desoxymethyltestosterone, following his UFC 182 bout against Josh Burkman, was also handed a temporary suspension until the NAC could give him a formal hearing:

And finally, wrapping up the docket of drug test failures. Ashlee Evans-Smith was actually handed her formal punishment after failing her post-UFC 181 drug test in her bout against Raquel Pennington. Evans-Smith tested positive for the diuretic hydrochlorothiazide. Since neither Evans-Smith nor a representative was present at the hearing, the NAC took that as an admission of use.

That wraps up the drug testing side of the NAC hearing news. Stay tuned for more news and updates, especially as Silva, Diaz, and Lombard will most likely contest their failures in the not too distant future.