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Report: Concussion concerns could keep Lesnar from MMA return

Could Brock Lesnar be the next entrant in the bidding war between Bellator and the UFC, sounds like the answer is no.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Rumors have been swirling for some time, that former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar may have his sights set on a return to MMA. Most particularly, Bellator's slow re-branding (stretching back to the Rebney days) as a platform for name fighters looking to get back in front of a TV audience has placed some potential for bidding wars between the UFC and the Viacom promotion over fighters that can still draw a crowd. Reportedly, Bellator interest was behind the UFC's decision to bring Mirko Cro-Cop back into the fold In a recent post on his blog, J.R.'s Place, former WWE announcer Jim Ross had some interesting tidbits concerning a potential return of the former UFC heavyweight champion to the cage (whatever shape that cage may be).

Sources are saying that it looks more promising that Brock Lesnar could well stay with WWE past WrestleMania due to concerns over long term health affects of competing in MMA specifically concussion oriented issues later in one's life. gain, these are 'sources' and how reliable they are can only be judged after WM31 and following the status of the former UFC Heavyweight Champion. One thing is certain, if UFC believes, and rightfully so in my view, that CM Punk will sell PPV's for at least his first two fights then what would a healthy Brock Lesnar mean to the UFC brand in a time where no combat sport company has a plethora of bona fide star power that can move the needle on the pay per view business.

So, it's still somewhat speculative, but it's definitely a shift away from rumors that Lesnar might be returning to MMA. Of course, given that pro-wrestling has its share of concussion concerns, but Lesnar hasn't exactly been on the grind for the WWE over the past couple years. It may be that the money would just be better for the work required to stay with pro-wrestling, and that it would be safer in the long run.