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Inside the Guard with T.P. Grant - UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs Thatch

T.P. Grant talks Benson Henderson's huge upset of Brandon Thatch, if Henderson should stay at Welterweight, and in-depth break downs of technical aspects of the card.

Inside the Guard looks back on the Fight Night on Valentine's Day that likely caused a few relationships to end. The concept of the show is still the same, focus on a few key aspects of a few interesting fights and break them down. Now instead of looking at my face through a laptop webcam, I can actually use a few images and YouTube videos to help with the explanations in a Judo Chop like style.

Troubles with the player? Watch it on YouTube. And you are into audio only here is the Podcast Link

The topics covered on today's show:

  • Looking back at Benson Henderson's game plan to outlast Brandon Thatch and if Henderson should stay at Welterweight
  • A rundown of the other major fights and some bonus prospect talk
  • In Depth Look: Hey a double feature, I talk tripod ankle locks looking at the Jim Alers vs Chas Skelly fight and a look at the amazingly fun Zach Makovsky vs Tim Elliott fight. Going back and editing the video aspect, I did notice that a few times I said Elliott when I meant to say Makovsky, I apologize for any confusion that caused, also for saying Marcelo Graica's full name an awkward number of times.

Here are all the videos and links I mentioned, first up Reilly Bodycomb's website RDojo is right here and I here and I highly recommend his instructional material, and check out the grappling competition achievements. Here is Reilly's interview with Luke Thomas and below is the full trailer that I took a bit of video from.

Now on to Marcelo Garcia videos! His website, MGInAction, is a standard setter in subscription BJJ technique sites and if you are a technique video seeker be sure to check out the site and try out the free trial.

Here are the two videos I used

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