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Frank Mir on TRT: 'It was putting a Band-Aid on the problem'

Frank Mir, who will headline a UFC event this weekend in Brazil, says that TRT wasn't the solution to issues he was facing at the time, but he has learned how to deal with them correctly now that TRT is banned.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir has been struggling of late, losing his last four contests inside the octagon. He will compete in the main event of UFC Fight Night 61 against Antonio Silva in Brazil this weekend, and a loss could mean the end of the line for him the 14-year veteran.

Mir (16-9), like his opponent, was a user of the controversial Testosterone Replacement Therapy before it was banned by athletic commissions last year. In an interview with MMA Junkie, he stated that it wasn't something that really worked for him though - in fact, it wasn't until he got off of it that he discovered the real solution to his issues:

"TRT was patchwork - it was putting a Band-Aid on the problem. I went to a medical doctor, but I wasn't searching out TRT. I just purely went to the doctor and said, ‘Hey, I don't feel good, I have no energy, I've got no motivation, I'm kind of depressed. I'm constantly - guys are making jokes that I'm the most injured they've ever trained with. Every other day something breaks down on my body. What's going on?' Then they're like, ‘Oh, well this is available.'

"He did the blood work and found low testosterone. Now that they’ve banned it, I look at it and realized that wasn’t really the problem. Improper training and nutrition was the reason; training too hard and excessive twice, three times a day, Monday through Friday. That was what was causing low testosterone. Looking back I realize that was just a symptom of the problem. I was just training improperly."

He also stated that not giving his body time to heal from injuries has affected him and his performances in the cage:

"Recharging the batteries was a factor, but the main thing was just healing up from injuries in the proper way and giving them the proper time to perform," Mir said. "Most of my training was limited, not by what I needed to do, but having to train around injuries. I was having multiple surgeries after fights and not really addressing them the way I should have and having a proper off-season. So it was leading to more injuries and really making a strong influence on the way I was fighting. I was having to fight around injuries and not fight because it was the most efficient technique to use."

In the end, he wishes that he had figured out TRT wasn't the solution earlier than he did, and that was partly due to it being available in the first place:

"The good thing would have been if TRT hadn’t been an option. I would have probably got the solution that I came to now sooner."