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Bellator 133 salaries: Nobody made a ton of money

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Bellator 133 offered a rare look at the reported salaries of Bellator fighters.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Bellator is a company that has traditionally ran most of their shows on reservations or in states in which the athletic commissions don't publicly release info related to salaries or medical suspensions. But since Scott Coker took over the promotion from Bjorn Rebney, they're more likely to run California shows since that is Coker's backyard. That was the case with Bellator 133, which went down in Fresno.

The California State Athletic Commission released the reported salary info for the fighters on the card, and...nobody got rich. The biggest payday went to Daniel Weichel, who upset Pat Curran in the co-main event. He got 32k for his troubles. Other than that, no one made over 25k, including two former champions in Curran and Alexander Shlemenko. Here's a look at what everyone made:

Alexander Shlemenko: $20,000
Melvin Manhoef: $15,000

Daniel Weichel: $32,000
Pat Curran: $20,000

Julia Budd: $24,000
Gabrielle Holloway: $6,000

Chris Honeycutt: $20,000
Clayton MacFarlane: $6,000

Emilio Chavez: $3,000
Art Arciniega: $2,000

Blake Watkins: $2,000
George Zuniga: $2,500

Paul Ruiz: $3,000
Nick Sperling: $1,000

Mason Fowler: $2,000
Marko Damiani: $1,000

Adam Piccolotti: $2,000
Andrew Ramm: $1,500

Jonathan Contrestano: $2,000
Ryan Tobar: $1,000

Nick Bustamante: $3,000
Luis Jauregui: $1,000

Cody Sons: $2,000
John Paul Elias: $1,000

The reported numbers are the total salary. It could be assumed that the winners had some sort of show + win setup (ie. Weichel probably made 16k/16k) but why is Shlemenko's salary so low?