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Royce Gracie says PEDs aren't a problem in MMA

Royce Gracie, who has been busted for PEDs in the past, claims that there isn't a PED problem in MMA. "The system is working", he claims.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie is currently working as a "brand ambassador" for Bellator, and was on hand for last week's show in Fresno. Gracie, one of the pioneers of the sport of MMA, spoke to MMA Fighting about the recent positive drug tests of top UFC stars such as Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz, and Jon Jones, and claims that the sport doesn't have a drug problem because the system is working:

"It shows that the system is working. You're trying to look at the bad side, I'm looking at the good side. Instead of trying to encourage people, 'Oh, let's ban MMA because everybody is doing drugs, let's ban NASCAR because they're advertising drinking and driving.' Let's look at the good side. The system is working. Let's not try to put down the fighters because one fighter made a mistake, decided to party and do whatever."

Gracie was busted for PED usage in California in 2007 after a bout with Kazushi Sakuraba. Gracie, who was 40 at the time of the fight, has always claimed that he never took the steroid (nandrolone) despite his test showing over 20 times the legal limit in his system at the time. He also stated this in the interview:

"For 20 years since the UFC I was 178 [pounds]," Gracie said. "Today, I'm 178. I could live on fruits."

He was 188 pounds for that bout against Sakuraba.

Anyway, he went onto reiterate that he doesn't think it's a problem because only a few people have been caught, and that the system works"

"How many people got caught [recently]? Five?" Gracie said. "Five of how many we have in the sport all over the world? I don't think it's a problem."


"I feel like the system works," Gracie said. "It's good. Let's not think of the bad side, let's think it's the good side. It works.

"The system works. That's why they're getting caught."

I'll let you draw your own conclusions on this one.