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Conor McGregor was briefly the betting favorite against champion Jose Aldo

Outspoken Irishman Conor McGregor has shocked the fight world once again. On Friday, the Dublin native briefly became the betting favorite against longtime champion Jose Aldo.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

What are the chances that Conor McGregor beats long time champion Jose Aldo? Well, according to the odds makers, it is not very unlikely at all. In fact, for a few moments, the Dubliner was the betting favorite for the fight.

After some heavy movement on the betting line on Friday, McGregor, who meets Aldo at the UFC 189's pay-per-view event, became a marginal favorite.

While some Irish oddsmakers have been offering odds on McGregor becoming UFC champion for a number of years, only a few Las Vegas outlets have released their lines. Jose Aldo opened as a pretty heavy -270 (nearly 3-1) favorite, but bettors quickly began to throw money on McGregor, which caused the large fluctuation.

At one point on Friday, enough money came in on McGregor to make him the favorite over Aldo - a champion who hasn't been beaten since 2005 and has compiled seven consecutive UFC title defenses.

McGregor was -125 (bet $125 to win $100) whilst Aldo was -115.

MMA Bettor Luca Fury shared the details on his Twitter account.

The odds fluctuation comes as a massive surprise for fight insiders. The large variance is testament to McGregor's ability to win fans over with his mix of verbal skills and fan friendly fighting style. Aldo fans were likely rubbing their hands together at the unusually high odds for the champion to defend his belt.

Order was restored soon afterwards, as money poured in on Aldo, which allowed the Brazilian to return to his spot as betting favorite.