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Video: Max Holloway vs. Cole Miller Full Highlights from Headbutt filled contest

Max Holloway defeated Cole Miller by decision in an entertaining scrap, but the latter kept complaining about headbutts.

Max Holloway won his 5th straight bout after defeating Cole Miller by unanimous decision on Saturday night. It was an entertaining bout, but Miller did constantly complain about accidental clashes of heads throughout the contest. Watch the highlights above, and for a recap of the bout check out a snippet from our live blog:

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R2: They joust from range with Miller throwing front kicks and Holloway jabbing from orthodox. Holloway fires a left upstairs and follows with a spinning kick to the body that connects. Miller looks to counter clinch on a Holloway combo but can't lock horns. Short counter left hook lands for Miller, who changes levels for a single on the next exchange. Holloway spins out and they restart on the feet.

Holloway throws a spinning back fist that bounces off Miller's head but the pair clash heads unintentionally on the next exchange. Miller gets the worst of it and shows a sizable gash over his left eye. Miller snaps off a one-two on the restart and slips a long jab through. Miller lands a stiff outside low kick. Holloway switches back to southpaw. Miller cracks a right kick to his ribs. Holloway throws another spinning kick but he's off-balance and they clinch, then separate without incident. Glancing outside low kick from Miller and Holloway misses with a flying knee but scores a takedown in the closing seconds. Miller complains to the ref about another head butt. 10-10.

R3: Holloway stays busy with crisp counters. Miller whiffs on a sloppy left hook. Holloway lands a shot downstairs, then closes a charging three-punch combo with a spinning back fist. Inside low kick from Miller. Holloway flurries with a combo though Miller seems to block most of the shots. Holloway scores over the top and then straight to the body with his left.

Holloway's next spinning back fist comes up short but he clips Miller hard with a left in the next exchange. Holloway clinches up and thwacks Miller with a left horizontal elbow before separating. With the condition of Miller's damaged eye worsening, Holloway keeps the pressure on with methodical bursts of strikes. He hits a takedown with 30 seconds left and quickly backs out to resume on the feet. Holloway finishes in style with a Capoeira martelo kick, a hook to the body and a pair of spinning heel kicks. 10-9 Holloway. I have it 30-28 his way.