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UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs. Thatch full fight video highlights

Watch the full fight video highlights for the UFC Fight Night: Broomfield main event between Benson Henderson and Brandon Thatch.

The main event of Saturday night's UFC Fight Night: Broomfield event featured a late-replacement welterweight contest between former lightweight champion Benson Hendserson and Brandon Thatch.

Check out Dallas Winston's play-by-play for the fight:

R4: Thatch comes forward behind clubbing right hands. Inside low kick and a solid left cross for Henderson. Double jab from Thatch. Henderson targets the body with more punches, then snatches a single leg. Thatch denies it with leverage from the front headlock. Thatch clangs a knee off of Henderson's face. Henderson whiffs on a left but lands the follow-up right downstairs.

Left cross for Henderson, then a right hand and a successful blast double leg. Henderson falls in half guard and quickly passes to side mount, then takes Thatch's back with one hook in. Thatch explodes into action but Henderson stays on his back and ends up landing punches, still in back control with one hook. Now both hooks in for Henderson, who transitions to the rear-naked choke. It's under the chin and Thatch taps.