BECW Season 11 Off Week – UFN 60 Post Drug Test Failure Hang Out Thread

Today is St. Valentines day, which means if you're reading this the odds are good that you're stuck at home (alone or with someone you love) buried under 54 metric fucktons of snow. Ahhhh, I love it when it's so cold my nuts clank together when I walk.

We're not including tonight's event in the BECW. So if you made picks and make a lot of points... well call your mom and tell her because they're not being counted. For the captains with the memory of a goldfish, you two know who you are, we're also skipping the fuckterrible UFN 61.

Something something something, insert snarky remarks here. I couldn't tell you anything about this card except Bendo is moving up to 170lbs on short notice to fight some guy named Thatch who is a very very big man. Well that and its lineup has been juggled more than... something that gets juggled a lot. Maybe bowling pins.

Also, this is taking place at over 5,400ft of altitude, so... we could see some huffing and puffing going on.

Anyway, here's the BECW schedule for right now.

BECW Event #5UFC 184 Zingano vs. Rousey on Feb 28th.

We will be holding a vote that night to determine the fate of UFN 62 Maia vs. LaFlare (March 21st). But with the way things are going, it will probably turn into Killa B vs. Touchy Feli at 195lb catchweight.

BECW Event #6UFC 185 Pettis vs. Dos Anjos on March 14th.

We will be holding a vote that night to determine the fate of UFN 63 Mendes vs. Lamas (April 4th).

UFN 60 Lineup.

Main Card (FS1, 10 PM ET/7 PM PT)

Ben Henderson vs. Brandon Thatch

Max Holloway vs. Cole Miller

Neil Magny vs. Kiichi Kunimoto

Daniel Kelly vs. Patrick Walsh

Michel Prazeres vs. Kevin Lee

Ray Borg vs. Chris Kelades

Preliminary Card (FS1, 8 PM ET/5 PM PT)

Nik Lentz vs. Levan Makashvili

Efrain Escudero vs. Rodrigo Lima

Chas Skelly vs. Jim Alers

Zach Makovsky vs. Tim Elliott

Preliminary Card (Fight Pass, 7:30 PM ET/4:30 PM ET)

James Moontasri vs. Cody Pfi

That's all there is, no matchups or anything else to worry about tonight, unless you've run out of furniture and house hold pets to burn for warmth.

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