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Joe Schilling on GLORY 19: I'm not really pleased with my performance

Joe Schilling will be a busy man in 2015. The Los Angeles middleweight fights for GLORY and Bellator MMA and his all-action style and tendency to knock people out means his services are in high demand.

At GLORY 19 last week he won his co-main event fight with Robert ‘White Dragon' Thomas and while he dominated the bout, he found the 21-year-old Canadian to be impressively tough.

Schilling's attention now turns to an April fight for Bellator, after which he will return to his campaign in the GLORY middleweight division. He may go into a fight against the winner of the upcoming bout between Artem Levin and the GLORY 20 Contender Tournament winner.

"I won the fight and that was my goal, to go undefeated this year, that was the first step," he says in his official post-fight interview, the video of which has just been released by GLORY.

"I'm not really pleased with my performance - I dominated the fight but I got a little carried away, loading up my shots, losing balance, getting a little tired. I was a little sloppy.

"But it was the outcome that I wanted so I am happy with that and it was a good experience for me. .. Next fight for me is Bellator on April 5 in Irvine, California. I am fighting Rafael Carvalho, he is 10-1, a tough guy from Brazil."

Schilling is now 3-1 in his last four GLORY outings with the loss being to Levin the final of last June's LAST MAN STANDING tournament. The win scooped Levin the World Middleweight Championship and placed Schilling at #1 contender spot.

"I think Artem Levin is always on the radar. I like Artem, he is pretty cool, he was making jokes about how I got tired. But I think later this year it will be me and Artem Levin or Filip Verlinden," says Schilling.

"I think Verlinden and I would be a good fight, he is ranked #2. They have got this tournament at [GLORY 20] in Dubai with the #3,4,5 and 6 guys fighting for a shot at Levin.

"Well, Filip and I are #1 and #2 and we are not in the tournament so maybe we should fight each other. That would be a good fight, or Artem and I. It's going to be a busy year."