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Video: UFC veteran Matt Riddle makes Pro Wrestling debut

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Matt Riddle has officially made the move to pro wrestling. Watch his debut.

Former WWE superstar CM Punk has moved to the UFC, and now Matt Riddle is looking to do the opposite. He has been working towards a career in professional wrestling for months, and this past weekend the Ultimate Fighter alum has finally made his debut. Watch highlights from the clip above.

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The former UFC welterweight, says now that he's stopped cutting weight, he's easily bulking up:

So I've been getting asked a lot if I'm putting on size for wrestling well I'm 220 in this pic and I'm still growing my goal is 240-260. I will reach my goal and I couldn't be happier not cutting weight and feeling like death. I also quit smoking the devil's lettuce and don't take any other form of PED's.

Riddle says he will keep trying to make it big in this new venture of his. Based on his first match, do you think he will be able to eventually cut it in the WWE?