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UFC Fight Night Bendo vs Thatch Care/Don't Care Preview

Kid Nate and Eugene S. Robinson look ahead to a 3 day fest of MMA with WSOF 18, Bellator 33 and UFC all having events that are marginally care-worthy and well worth cancelling any planned Valentine's Day celebrations over.

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arrived. Eugene S. Robinson, author of Fight: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You'd Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking, is Kid Nate's counterpart for this edition.

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Want the .mp3 version? Here's the audio only link: Care/Don't Care: Fight Night Broomfield AUDIO ONLY

Troubles with the player? Watch it on YouTube.

As always with the Care/Don't Care preview -- the caveat -- no disrespect is intended to the fighters. This isn't a commentary on the skill, heart or entertainment potential of any fighter, just a commentary on the UFC's marketing of said fighters and whether or not any anticipation has been built for the fight.

Today Kid Nate and Eugene discuss:

  • The conflict between watching a mediocre UFC Fight Night Care or taking your SO out for Valentine's Day.
  • Guys who can get away with the former.
  • An amazing variety of non-MMA topics including nazis (of course), punk rock riots, polite disses from British musicians and Eugene reveals which 80s British rocker is rumored to be the toughest street fighter
  • Melvin Manhoef vs Alexander Shlemenko
  • Scott Coker vs. the ghost of Dana White
  • The historic recent ineptitude of the NAC
  • Anomie, ennui and other plagues afflicting the discerning MMA fan
  • The great names of UFC Fight Pass openers Moontasri vs Pfister
  • The hype around Jim Alers
  • Is Zach Makovsky being sent a message?
  • Nik Lentz against the fence
  • Neil Magny and the allure of the familiar
  • Max Holloway vs Cole Miller, Hawaii vs Georgia
  • Benson Henderson moves up to WW.
  • Much much more