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Eddie Alvarez interested in bout against Gilbert Melendez: I just really want to hit this guy

Former Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez discusses his interest in a fight with fellow former champion Gilbert Melendez.

Several years ago, a match-up between then-champions Eddie Alvarez and Gilbert Melendez was arguably one of the hottest fights one could make in the lightweight division.

Fast forward several years later, both competitors are now a part of the UFC roster, and are both on a losing streak with the promotion. However, that has not stopped either man from campaigning for the fight.

"I beat this guy every time out," Alvarez said. "With everything in me. I don't know how he feels about his fight skills, but the things that he's good at -- his style -- I'm better at. I hit harder, I'm stronger, I feel like I'm faster. I just really want to hit this guy. I'm excited about it."

While neither fighter has signed a bout agreement, they have feuded consistently on social media, and even bickered over the conflicting dates they would rather fight on. It is just the latest chapter of a feud that dates back several years.

"If he's not making headlines, he'll say he wants to fight the guy who is," Alvarez said. "He always would talk about me. I just lost, but when I was on a streak and doing well, whenever I would do well, right away, well Gilbert wants to fight me. I didn't do so well? 'Oh, I think he lost a step. I don't want to fight him right now.' I don't know. I don't know about this guy."

With both fighters coming off a recent loss, the timing for this match-up is quite organic. However, the two fighters need to agree on a date for the bout, as that remains their only obstacle.

"I don't think [any contract] was made for it, but I think it's just him saying he wants to fight me. I agree, so there's nothing for me to sign. My word is as good as gold. I'm good with the fight."

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