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Cage Warriors CEO resigns, promotion's future uncertain

Cage Warriors CEO Graham Boylan has stepped down from his position at the promotion's helm.

Cage Warriors/ Dolly Clew

For the last few years, Cage Warriors has risen exponentially from an organization on the brink of collapse to a world renowned building ground for the European stars of tomorrow. However, all that has changed with this morning's shocking announcement that CEO Graham Boylan's tenure as head honcho of Cage Warriors Fighting Championship has come to an end.

Last night, the Cage Warriors Board of Directors met with the intention of confirming the promotion's schedule for 2015. Yet once the meeting began, Boylan revealed his intent to step down.

Speaking to Boylan explained his decision:

"It’s time for me to start a new chapter in my life so I have stepped down as CEO of Cage Warriors, but I’m very proud of what we achieved in the last four years, I thoroughly enjoyed my time as CEO of a brilliant promotion. My team and I established the number one mixed martial arts organization in Europe, and I’m very thankful to every single person who played a part."

Boylan's departure isn't the only one Cage Warriors has experienced recently. Their head of communications Paul Dollery also left the promotion.

Dan Hardy, Paul Daley, Michael Bisping, Neil Seery, and Conor McGregor are just a handful of top fighters that have graduated from the Cage Warriors regional circuit, and the next few months will be telling when it comes to seeing if Cage Warrior's can continue its march toward European dominance.

Graham Boylan is likely to stay involved in mixed martial arts, he currently manages a roster of fighters which includes Joseph Duffy, the last man to defeat Conor McGregor.

"Joseph can go right to the top. The UFC understand his potential and they’re excited by the fact that he was the last person to beat Conor McGregor. In the short term, I am focusing on helping Joseph and my other fighters to develop their careers, along with my other business interests."

Regardless of leaving the promotion in surirpsing fashion, Boylan remains confident that the company will stay strong in his absence.

"I understand that my resignation will come as a surprise to fans, as it has to the board, but I know Cage Warriors will continue to do great things but it’s obviously important that the board is given time to find a successor and get the show back on the road."