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Show Money, Ep. 1: The UFC lawsuit, Reebok, Bellator and independent contractors

What were the key MMA business and legal stories last year we'll be seeing more of in 2015? Paul Gift and John Nash of Blood Elbow and Jason Cruz of MMA Payout discuss.

Show Money is a new joint video series between Bloody Elbow and MMA Payout dedicated solely to business and legal topics in the MMA industry. Join Jason Cruz, John Nash and Paul Gift as they discuss topics of the day from the perspective of an attorney, someone who knows everything and everyone in the fight game, and an economist. There's no set schedule; we'll be back whenever discussion-worthy events arise.

Today's topics include:

1. UFC antitrust lawsuit

2. New Bellator MMA

3. The Reebok deal and fighter uniforms (this show was recorded prior to Paige VanZant's signing with Reebok)

4. Are MMA fighters independent contractors or employees?

Apologies for the random audio cutouts from Paul's feed. They'll be fixed next time. If you have trouble with the embedded video, click here for a direct YouTube link.