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Frank Shamrock on UFC Lawsuit: 'They have organically monopolized the industry'

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Frank Shamrock gives his thoughts on the lawsuits filed against the UFC.

Frank Shamrock spoke to Submission Radio about various topics, and one of the more notable talking points was the class action lawsuit filed against the UFC. According to him, Zuffa's practices should really be examined:

"Well I think it’s a long time coming. They have organically monopolized the industry. And they may say that it’s a course of business that they grew this way. I certainly think and know that their intentions were malicious, that their direction was defined, but it’s a course of business. They’ve grown big enough to where, you can serve giant rockets at them, and anti-trust lawsuits. And you know most certainly their structure of business should be examined and investigated, 'cause it seems it’s [Zuffa] controlling an entire industry and monopolizing it’s revenue streams towards that."

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Like Randy Couture, Shamrock has had issues with the UFC that led to him being erased from promotional materials despite both being a huge part of the company's formative years. The former champion has basically been scrubbed from their history and rarely gets mentioned, if at all, on any period pieces done by Zuffa about his time in the sport.

This "elimination" is also cited on the actual filings on the lawsuit which stated that "the UFC punished and continues to punish Fighters that refuse, or consider refusing, the UFC’s contractual terms".

Listen to the entire interview on the clip above, where Frank talks about topics such as Anderson Silva's failed test, and Ken Shamrock's upcoming bare knuckle boxing match.