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Georges St-Pierre declined Anderson Silva super-fight, won't return to a sport with a big PED problem

According to Georges St-Pierre he was offered a bout against Anderson Silva, but had no interest in making a return to a sport that is not clean.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Georges St-Pierre recently admitted that he was indeed offered a super fight against Anderson Silva prior to the former middleweight's champ steroid scandal. During an apperance at the MMA Hour GSP says he declined the bout and is not interested in a return just yet:

"(Dana White) told me to fight in Montreal and he also texted me to see if I was interested in fighting Anderson Silva right before the (drug test results) came out. I said no. And my answer was negative. Then the whole thing came up and it was bad."

"A fight versus Anderson wouldn't interest me. I never said never, but now is not the time for me. I am not interested right now. The way everything goes, I'm not interested right now. I am busy with other stuff too. I took a break and I now I am very happy."

Firas Zahabi has recently gone on record to compare Silva to Lance Armstrong, and say that Anderson shouldn't be part of any talk about being the greatest of all time. While his coach says GSP now stands alone in that department, St-Pierre himself doesn't want to 'elevate' his status from this controversy:

"It's really unfortunate. I feel bad for everything, for Anderson. I don't elevate myself when people are getting dragged down with something like this. That's not what I want. People think I'm happy. No, I am not. No one should be happy about this. It's sad and unfortunate. For me, it doesn't change the fact that Anderson is still the best pound-for-pound fighter of all time. It's just unfortunate for his reputation and his health."

He also spoke about a PED problem in the sport and says that this is just the beginning -- that if better testing protocols are done, much more big names are going to get caught:

"I don't like to kick Anderson when he was down. I just wish Anderson didn't do that. But I think this is just the tip of the iceberg and a lot of people are going to get caught. It's a big problem and we need to figure out what we need to do. It's a big problem everywhere."

"I knew. I knew for a long time and it bothered me. It's not a secret and people know it's a big problem."

"It's not Anderson or anybody that I want to talk about. I knew. I'm not surprised guys got busted. There is going to be other names coming up. That's what you guys don't understand. If they keep doing the right testing there will be other guys coming up."

"I am not a rat, I won't say any names. I just wanted to change the system. It shows now that we got a big problem and they need to do something. My desire is to make a real good anti-doping testing by an independent and competent agency that would scare competitors from using performance enhancing drugs."

"I don't wish that nobody got caught with performance enhancing drugs, I wish people just don't use this. That the ones who use it are afraid to use again because they will get cut if they do. That cleans the sport up. There is a lot to be cleaned up. This is only the beginning."

St-Pierre went on to admit that while he does feel the 'itch' to compete sometimes, he really doesn't want to return to a sport that isn't drug-free:

"I'm not going to lie, I am busy with other things and projects and for sure I watch the big UFC fights sometimes. The more I watch fights the more I feel the itch. I took time from competition because I was also burnt out with all the pressure and all the expectation and everything. I needed to find a way out to keep my mental stability so to speak."

"The more time that goes by, I feel the itch more. Now, with my surgery my knee feels almost 100 percent and I'm even able to perform some movement that I wasn't able to do before, so I made a progression in that department."

"When I tune in to a big UFC fight, I get excited but I don't know what's going to happen to me. I am not saying I am making a comeback, but right now the sport needs to get cleaned up. I am not interested to compete if the sport is not clean, that is one of my major concerns."