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UFC 183: Alves vs. Mein full fight video highlights

Check out the full fight video highlights for the UFC 183 feature fight between Thiago Alves and Jordan Mein.

The UFC 183 fight card kicked off with an enthralling bout between welterweights Thiago Alves and Jordan Mein.

Check out Dallas Winston's play-by-play for the fight below:

R1: Mein starts with a quick right, then heaves another over the top that grazes. Make it a third right for Mein from distance. Alves comes back with a right. Mein digs in with an outside low kick. Smooth counter left lands for Mein. Alves glances with a jab. Another right for Mein. Beautiful horizontal elbow counter for Mein on the left side, then a right elbow counter on the next exchange. Mein jams the low kick of Alves with a short left but Alves gets the next one off clean. Alves comes high and to the body with right kicks but Mein dabs him up with a few fast counters. Mein, looking smooth on the feet, glides left and lands to the body and head.

Mean leads with a left horizontal elbow and follows with a right, both are blocked by Alves. Alves comes forward with an aggressive combo and Mein sidesteps it and they both unload. Mein staggers Alves with a right uppercut, then swarms him on the fence with wide hooks and two nasty elbows to the face. Alves lands a low kick but he's pelted with more punches from Mein, then another elbow. 10-9 Mein.

R2: Alves walks Mein into a corner and Mein somersaults his way out. Mein getting a little too flashy here, and he pays for it: Alves plows a scorching kick straight to the ribs and Mein immediately drops to a knee and freezes with a look of sheer anguish on his face. Alves pounces on him with left hands and the fight is stopped.