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Photo: UFC names wrong winner during Al Iaquinta vs Joe Lauzon bout

Al Iaquinta won by TKO, but someone in the broadcast truck made a huge mistake during the announcement.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Someone in the UFC broadcast crew messed up. Al Iaquinta had an impressive TKO victory at UFC 183, but during his post-fight interview it was mislabeled that Joe Lauzon won the bout instead. Check out the photo below:

Here's a recap of the bout:

Lauzon came out looking to strike, and Iaquinta obliged him. Lauzon wobbled Iaquinta a couple of times over the first four minutes and it seemed like Iaquinta was having a tough time getting his timing down. He was landing leg kicks and punches of his own, but there wasn't a lot on them. Lauzon looked for a guillotine at one point but couldn't secure anything Al came on stronger near the end of the round though, and continued that into the second stanza.

Iaquinta and Lauzon continued to battle on the feet, but about halfway through the round, Iaquinta wobbled Lauzon with a shot. Lauzon did a good job of disguising it, but Iaquinta poured it on and Lauzon ended up going down. Rather than engaging with him on the ground though, Iaquinta quickly got up out of Joe's guard, forcing him to engage on the feet. He beat Lauzon all over the cage, but didn't punch himself out. Finally the referee had seen enough of Lauzon staggering around with no defense, and called it off with Lauzon still standing.