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Getting to Know: UFC middleweight Elias Theodorou

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Bloody Elbow's Michael Hutchinson sat down with the UFC Middleweight and his coaches ahead of UFC Fight Night 80.

UFC Middleweight Elias Theodorou and his coaches talked with Bloody Elbow's Michael Hutchinson about training camp and the fight on Thursday at UFC Fight Night 80 against Brazil's Thiago Santos.

The team talked about their experiences with Theodorou and how his training with Chris Weidman has brought him to another level of competition.

His head coach, Lachlan Chang, discusses Theodorou's beginning in MMA and how the two get along. His boxing coach, Ryan Grant, talks about the strategy of overcoming the power of Santos.

His wrestling coach, Chad Pearson, talks about Theodorou's growth in his wrestling game. His striking coach, Evan Boris, talks about how Theodorou steps up and performs on the big stage.

Theodorou is coming off of a stoppage win over Roger Narvaez at UFC 185. He is 3-0 in the UFC since winning TUF Nations and is a perfect 11-0 in MMA.

The main card for UFC Fight Night 80 begins at 10 pm EST on Fight Pass.

Camera Crew: Mitch Bowmile and Jacob Cohen.