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Pfister on Sage Northcutt: 'I'm sure he's juicing'

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Cody Pfister shares his thoughts on Sage Northcutt, Team Takedown, and Kevin Lee.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

UFC lightweight Cody "The Pfist" Pfister doubts his upcoming opponent's impressive physique is the product of hard work alone.

"From what I've heard [Northcutt's] been drug tested like four times, I think that says something," Pfister told Bloody Elbow. "He's f***ing jacked, I'm sure he's juicing, but who knows. I might be wrong on that and he's just naturally gifted, but it doesn't matter."

Pfister is coming off a unanimous decision victory over Yosdenis Cedeno at UFC 189 in July. Pfister admits feeling nervous for the Cedeno fight, worried that a second consecutive loss would see him cut from the promotion. "I did what I had to do. I like to be more exciting as a fighter, but sometimes you just gotta play the game and just get a win."

Pfister is now a member of Team Takedown. The Amarillo native is delighted with his new set-up and believes this will translate to more eye-catching performances in the octagon. "You're a product of your environment, I feel as if I'm in a very good environment. We have the best coaches, I feel. I came out of Nick's Fight Club, which is a great gym, but you know, we just didn't have all the bodies there. At Team Takedown there are more guys my size and everybody's MMA oriented. I feel like I couldn't ask for anything better."

Coming off a win and buoyed by his time at Team Takedown, Pfister is confident heading into his contest with Northcutt. "I think this is a good opportunity for me against a guy who doesn't have a whole lot of fights, so definitely I feel like my experience is going to be a factor.

"I'm gonna bring the heat, I'm gonna finish his ass, he's never fought a guy like me. He lost as an amateur so definitely he can be beaten."

With regards to the hype surrounding his opponent, Pfister believes much of it is misplaced. "Maybe [the UFC] have been pushing him too much," said Pfister. "Look at the guys he's fought, this last dude took the fight on short notice, he failed for marijuana, didn't make weight. Just how focused was that guy?"

However, Pfister doesn't necessarily want the hype-train to stop. "Hype him up as much as you want, that's fine, it just gives me more motivation to go out there and beat him." ‘The Pfist' does admit though, that he'd appreciate a little more hype himself. "I hate when people overlook me, people been trying to do that s*** my whole life."

One of Pfister's detractors is fellow UFC lightweight Kevin Lee, who voiced his disappointment at the Pfister/Northcutt match-up on social media. Pfister has plenty to say in response to ‘The Motown Phenom.'

"That kid needs to shut his mouth.  Kevin Lee's a f***ing chump, he's just mad that he didn't get the fight, you know, he didn't get the fight for a reason, nobody cares about Kevin Lee."

Pfister faces Northcutt on the main card of UFC Fight Night: Namajunas vs VanZant on December 10th.