What Would A UFC Women's Flyweight Division Look Like?

* This is my very first fan post. I’m still relatively new to the sport, though I have been watching off and on for bear with me here. Some of my information might be inaccurate. I am aware of this already. The purpose of this post is to get a general discussion going on the topic.

In the wake of UFC 193, there has been much discussion about the current position (and growth) of women’s mixed martial arts. The most intriguing to me is the possibility hope that the UFC may add a women’s flyweight division. Doing this would obviously mean that the other two divisions would need to be replenished. This could be done through a season of TUF and through signing fighters from other organizations such as Invicta FC.

What could the Women’s 125 division look like? Here are a few names that could potentially be there? If I am way off, feel free to tell me. I can take the criticism.

Nina Ansaroff (6-4) - Best suited to fight at 125. Weight cutting issues forced the UFC to cancel her fight vs Rose Namajunas at UFC 187.

Izabela Badurek (5-3) - Has previously fought at 125

Cortney Casey (4-3) - Defeated by Pearl Gonzalez for XFC flyweight title 10/18/2013

Aising Daly (16-5) - Has previously competed at 125

Carla Ezparza (11-3) - Scheduled to fight Angela Magana for MEZ sports flyweight title in 2012, but the fight was cancelled to to a car accident the day of the fight.

Valerie Letourneau (8-4) - Big by strawweight standards. Could benefit from moving up.

Angela Magana (11-8) - Former MEZ sports flyweight champion. Broke her back after being involved in a car accident the day she was scheduled to defend her title against Carla Ezparza.

Bec Rawlings (5-4) - Has openly stated that she would fight Miesha Tate at 125

Jessica Andrade (13-5) - Recently made the pretty big jump from 135 to 115

Alexis Davis (16-6) - Won raging Wolf women’s flyweight title 10/10/2009

Rin Nikai (16-1-1) - At only 5’1", she is small for 135

Leslie Smith (7-6-1) - Previously fought at 125

Miesha Tate (17-5) - Easily the most dropped name when it comes to flyweight. Could do a lot of damage in that division.

You could also add to the list Invicta's current Flyweight champion Barb Honchak and the likes of Andrea Lee and Ariel Beck who will fight for the Legacy flyweight title later tonight.

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