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Dana White responds to Georges St-Pierre: 'GSP is done, he's done'

Georges St-Pierre says the way the UFC treated him is partly to blame on his decision to stay away from the sport. Dana White has since responded.

Georges St-Pierre broke his silence and did a few rounds with the media recently. According to the all-time great, part of his reasons for not coming back was related to Dana White and UFC officials not treated him with proper 'class' following his decision win over Johny Hendricks.

St. Pierre said he wasn't allowed to attend the post-fight press conference, but when White spoke to the media he simply said that GSP was hurt and that he had to go to the hospital. The long-time welterweight champion said this made him furious, and mentioned that maybe he would've returned earlier if he was treated that way.

White has since responded to GSP's account of things in an interview with Off the Record.

"Listen, I like Georges St-Pierre, I respect him. He was never anything but class. He was an absolute class act. He took Canada to a whole new level with the sport,"  White said, initially complimentary of GSP.

"He can talk about why he isn't here, why he isn't doing this, or maybe he'll take six weeks -- Georges St-Pierre lost the urge to fight, and that's the reality. He lost the urge to fight. It happens. There's nothing wrong with that. There's nothing negative."

"It wasn't because of anything that happened with me, or Lorenzo, he lost the urge to fight. Period. End of story."

This is when the host responded.

"But how would you know that? You're not inside his head. You can say 'I disagree with him', but there's no facts here, right?" Michael Landsberg said. "So if he says 'I haven't lost the urge to fight', if he says 'it was in part Dana White's fault' or 'Lorenzo's fault', we can't know whether in his consciousness, that's real."

"It's nobody's fault," White retorted.

"I've been dealing with athletes since I was 19 years old, and I saw it in his face after the Johny Hendricks fight," He continued. "We went back stage and we talked -- you can ask Lorenzo -- I looked at Lorenzo last night, and I said GSP is done."

"He said 'are you crazy?' I said he's done."