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Dana White: It was 'tough' to see Ronda Rousey lose her UFC title

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Dana White explains why it was 'tough' to see Ronda Rousey lose her UFC title last month.

After Ronda Rousey lost her women's bantamweight championship to Holly Holm last month at UFC 193, many fans jumped to the conclusion UFC President Dana White was upset because Rousey was arguably the promotion's biggest star. In a recent interview with TSN's Off The Record, White agreed that it was difficult to see Rousey lose in devastating fashion, but not for the reason many fans believed to be the case.

"In the history of the sport there's been two people; Chuck Liddell, who I was very close to, and Ronda Rousey, who I was very close to," he said. "She's one of my very good friends, so to see her lose that way, yeah, it was tough.

"She's super talented and she's so aggressive. The reason she's such a huge star is because she's that type of fighter, 'anybody, anywhere, anytime.' I actually made the Holly Holm fight, and everybody criticized me for making that fight," he said. "I made the Holly Holm fight because she's the most decorated boxer ever in female boxing, world class kickboxer who has won world titles, undefeated in MMA, and sh-t, the height and reach advantage. It was the right fight to make, she was the best female fighter at the time that hadn't already fought Ronda Rousey.

Rousey had many personal issues going on during her latest fight camp including the situation between her mother, Dr. Ann Maria DeMars, and coach, Edmond Tarverdyan, her current relationship with UFC heavyweight Travis Browne and much more.

"I talked to her almost everyday after the fight, when she sat down with me and [UFC CEO] Lorenzo [Fertitta] a few days ago, she said, 'I was exhausted going into that fight. Mentally, physically, emotionally.' She had a lot of personal things going on too with her family."

It hasn't been confirmed when Rousey is planning on returning to action, but White recently confirmed she will receive an automatic rematch against Holm.