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Coach: Fedor’s next fight will be announced on Jan. 1 at press conference

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Following a successful return to MMA, it appears fans will not have to wait long for Fedor Emelianenko’s next fight announcement.

Esther Lin

On Dec. 31, Rizin Fighting Federation hosted the long-awaited return of Fedor Emelianenko, as he faced Jaideep Singh in the main event of the second part of the promotion's inaugural show.

The fight lasted a little more than three minutes, as Fedor dominated the affair with exceptional ease before he forced the experienced kickboxer to tap to strikes.

It was exactly how most fans and pundits envisioned the outcome.

Now that Fedor has notched the 35th victory of his professional career, fans will not have to wait long prior to the announcement of Fedor's next fight. According to his coach, Vladimir Voronov, the next opponent will be revealed soon.

"On Friday [Jan. 1], there will be a press conference where it will be clear when, where and with whom Fedor will fight next," Voronov said following the Fedor's TKO win against Singh.

Rizin Fighting Federation also announced that their next show would take place on April 17 in Nagoya City.