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White on Twitter disagreements with fans: 'I'm the low-road guy'

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UFC president Dana White explains why he doesn't shy away from getting into fights with people on Twitter.

Dana White does things that virtually no one else in similar positions would dare to do. One of them is regularly logging onto his Twitter account and giving fans a piece of his mind. It's something the UFC president and part-owner has taken media criticism for, but he doesn't seem to be bothered by that at all. In fact, he actually enjoys his Twitter battles.

He explained his stance on it in an appearance on The Seth Davis Show (video above):

"I'm in the fight business. People ask me that all the time. Take the high road. Nah. The high road isn't fun. The low road is fun. That's me. I'm the low-road guy.

"My thing with Twitter and social media is you can't just go on and say stupid stuff to people unless you want some stupid stuff back. I'm that guy."

White states that a football coach would probably not be able to get away with saying the things he does - there would be an uproar, and the guy might even get fired. But he remains unrepentant:

"Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it's not right. But it's fun, and I enjoy it and I think that's what social media is really all about."