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McGregor: USADA is flawed, can't have Brazil commission testing and wanting selfies

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Conor McGregor says the UFC's anti-doping policy with USADA is still a bit flawed.

Conor McGregor spoke about the UFC's anti-doping policies as they've partnered up with USADA, and he expressed his thoughts on what he believes is still a 'flawed' system. According to him, it has to be handled by independent USADA folks, not local commissions.

"UFC are taking great, great steps to clean the sport and it's phenomenal what they're doing. Still, it's a flawed system," McGregor told the assembled media. "The Irish Sports Council were hired by USADA to test me. So that's Irish people coming to test me, the Irish Sports Council."

"If they're coming to test me, then the same people that are testing Jose are the Brazilian commission, the same people who are asking for selfies, who train in the gym, who will look the other way when the piss test gets thrown over the shoulder," he said. "It's still a flawed system, I feel. But the steps are there."

"I feel somebody from outside the nation would have to come," he said. "I feel like you'd have to send an American from USADA or wherever USADA is based to go to that country and do it themselves. You can't hire in someone from over there."

McGregor referenced the testing fiasco Aldo was involved in back in May, where they called the authorities on the Nevada testers and had the samples destroyed. He was then tested by officials from Brazil's CABMMA, who allegedly also asked for an autograph after collecting Aldo's samples.

Conor also took a few jabs at Aldo for bragging about being tested on social media because of all the earlier controversies. He states that he in turn just keeps quiet about it and has already been tested "8 or 9 times".

In the end, Conor says he's unconcerned if his opponent was trying to skirt the rules or not.

"I don't care. You can't put them on the chin. And that's what I'm going for, the chin."