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Video: A brief history of Reebok errors with UFC apparel

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Michael Hutchinson recaps the multiple errors that Reebok has made on UFC clothing and fighter kits.

Since Reebok became the exclusive outfitter of the UFC, the company has made dozens of errors on both apparel and its website. This has led to backlash from those in the MMA community disappointed with the lack of administrative oversight.

These errors include confusing nicknames, incorrectly spelling fighter names or mislabeling a fighter's country. Just recently Reebok came out with a whole line-up of new shirts that contained several mistakes. These errors included Anderson Aldo and labeling Conor McGregor's fighting style as Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu. Not only is the style of fighting wrong, but the proper Portuguese spelling for BJJ is "Jiu-Jitsu Brasileiro".

These recent errors sparked the idea for this video. With the UFC and Reebok partnership dating all of way back to July, I thought I would refresh people's memories with "A Brief History of Reebok Errors".

If I missed any Reebok mistakes, or you want to share your favorite, comment down below.