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Video: Google Year in Search 2015 features UFC champ Holly Holm

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Google's 2015 Year in Search included newly crowned UFC champion Holly Holm.

Marriage Equality, Star Wars: Force Awakens, Water on Mars... and Holly Holm?

As 2015 winds down, Google released their annual 'Year in Search' video. Among the numerous topics featured on the clip was the newly crowned UFC champion who recently knocked out Ronda Rousey. Watch above as the search giant runs down some of the year's biggest milestones and events that had the entire world buzzing.

"The biggest moments of 2015 inspired trillions of questions. What do they reveal about us?"

The list of those featured on the clip are as follows:

Syrian Refugee Crisis
First two female soldiers graduate Army Rangers School
Special Olympics World Games
Confederate Flag Removed from SC Statehouse
Cecil the Lion
Mad Men series finale
Letterman’s final show
Stuart Scott @ the ESPYs
Black Lives Matter
FIFA Women’s World Cup
Water on Mars
Cuban Embargo lift
Marriage equality
Isabella’s 3-D printed arm
"The Dress"
Star Wars: "The Force Awakens"
Pope Francis’ visit to the US
Je Suis Charlie
Kenyan vigil
Beirut vigil
Paris vigil in London
Caitlyn Jenner @ the ESPYs
Rugby World Cup
Nae Nae
Aid for Nepal
Holly Holm
Shia LaBeouf
The Warriors, NBA Champions.
Drake, Hotline Bling
Epic dance moves
Miss Universe Japan