Late Night Fights 30: Nick Diaz vs. Chris Lytle

Hey, gang, I dug this out of the old ´drafts´ folder. Enjoy!

Bloody Elbow is the premier MMA community, and it is because every single user brings something to the table whether in the form of humorous banter or expert knowledge in a one of the martial arts. Being a huge fight fan, I believe this is my contribution to the BE community. LATE NIGHT FIGHTS as a series was created in 2013 in order to highlight great classics and those fights that are often cited but rarely seen as well as the past, present and future legends of MMA in their early non-UFC or non-MMA bouts. - KJJ.

What, you say? You never knew this fight existed. It is indeed from yesteryear. Diaz, a wily 18-year-old fighting out of Stockton, versus Lytle who had a very Japan-esque record of 9-6-5 and a win over some guy named Beaver Beaver.

Nick Diaz (1-0-0)

Notable Wins: None
Notable Losses: None

Chris Lytle (9-6-5)

Notable Wins: Kazuo Misaki, Daisuke Watanabe
Notable Losses: Jason DeLucia, Dave Menne, Shonie Carter
Notable Draws: Dave Strasser, Ikuhisa Minowa

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