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Does Aldo deserve a rematch against McGregor? Florian and Bisping weigh in

Should Jose Aldo get an immediate rematch against Conor McGregor? Two more UFC fighters have weighed in.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Does a long term champion in Jose Aldo deserve an immediate rematch against Conor McGregor, even if he lost in just 13 seconds? Several people have already weighed in on the subject.

Jon Jones says 'it's only right', Matt Brown saying '110% Aldo deserves it', and Junior dos Santos says not doing so would be 'most unfair thing ever'. Michael Bisping and Kenny Florian have since spoken about the topic as well, and do they agree with these other 3 fighters?

"No! It's hard to justify." Florian said on an episode of UFC Now. "Even if Jose Aldo has been champion for so long, it is difficult to justify a rematch after a 13 second fight. The other issue, if we're going to get logistical here, is that Jose Aldo hasn't been the healthiest of fighters. He's not the most reliable of fighters. So to go set up a rematch against a guy who hasn't been the most consistent heath-wise, is a very risky thing to do."

"And the other thing is, Conor, that may have been his last fight at 145 lbs," he said. "He's huge for the weight class, and as you see, anything he lands, he's destroying people with. It's possible we see him again at 145, but we don't know."

"I think with what Frankie Edgar has done, it should be Edgar," Florian said.

"This is why Kenny, you get paid the big bucks and you commentate for Fox and the UFC," Bisping replied with a laugh. "I was going to say 'Yes! He should get a rematch, because Ronda Rousey is getting one and why shouldn't he after being dominant for so long?' But, after hearing your pitch, I was like 'this guy talks a lot of sense! I completely agree!' And I've never heard myself saying that about you before! No, offense."

"No, he doesn't (deserve it)," Bisping said.