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Unlike Ronda Rousey, Holm is 'open' to fighting Cyborg at 145

There's a sense of something different about Holly Holm as UFC champion, when compared to her predecessor. And that difference is made abundantly clear in one place in particular: A potential fight with Cris Cyborg.

It wasn't exactly hanging over Ronda Rousey's head, during her time with the UFC women's bantamweight title. After all, she was already very much a proven talent and the A-side of any fight available, but a potential fight with Invicta featherweight champion Cris Cybord definitely had a looming quality to it. It was the bout that hardcore fans wanted more than any other fight she could line up, even Floyd Mayweather.

It's also a fight that Ronda Rousey was determined not to take, unless Cyborg made the trip down to 135. After a couple of unsuccessful/abandoned attempts by Cyborg to do so (the most recent ending just earlier this December, following Rousey's first career loss) the idea of seeing Cyborg in the UFC seemed like an utterly doomed thing. One of the innumerable "big fights" in combat sports history to go by the wayside due to an inability for two sides to meet in the middle.

But, while Rousey losing the belt may have ended Cyborg's interest in moving to 135 lbs, it may have actually rekindled the chances that she'd end up fighting in the UFC. And that's because a chance to fight Cris Cyborg, even at 145, seems like an idea that the new champion, Holly Holm, is a lot more open to, as she recently told the assembled media (transcript via MMAFighting):

"I know with the UFC, they don't have that division," Holm said. "So, if that was something that they were going to put together, I'm not against it. I'm open to it."
"I'm not against options for other fights," Holm said. "I don't know how high I would go. I have fought at heavier weights in boxing. It kind of changes things with MMA, because there's wrestling. Boxing, I think, is a little different, because you're not dealing with somebody's strength and weight on you as far as wrestling and grappling. But I do feel like I'm a bigger 135er. I don't know. I guess I would just have to see if whatever would unfold if that was an option."

And just to make it extra clear how different her stance on the whole idea is from Rousey's, Holm even had a few nice things to say about the Invicta FC champion:

"I love Cyborg," Holm said. "She's awesome. I finally got to get to know her this year. Whatever Cyborg wants to do, I support it. You want to stay at a heavier weight, you don't want to go to 140? Whatever she wants to do, I'm all about it. I haven't really thought about it too much."

Of course, given that Dana White has been of very much the same mind as Rousey in the past, there may still be a few impassable barriers to making this new bout happen.