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Report: Is Mousasi fighting Leites at UFC London?

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After Michael Bisping got pulled from his bout with Gegard Mousasi at UFC London, Mousasi assured fans he'd be staying on the card, and now it looks like he may have his new opponent.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Michael Bisping is getting the fight that it feels like his entire MMA career has led to. He's finally taking on Anderson Silva, after numerous trips to and setbacks from the top of the middleweight mountain. Of course, a big part of getting this fight done now is that Anderson Silva is no longer champion. But, whatever the reasoning, the fight is getting done and that's what counts.

Of course, Bisping getting re-booked has left his former opponent in a bit of a hard spot. Bisping was set to face Gegard Mousasi at the same UFC London event where he'll now be fighting Anderson Silva. Mousasi took to twitter shortly after the new fight was announced, to make it clear that he was planning on staying on the card and getting a new opponent, himself.

And now it looks like we might know who that opponent is, as Mousasi posted a photo of a (admittedly shopped looking) UFC London poster, featuring himself and Thales Leites.

Of course, it could just be him throwing ideas out there for the fight he wants the UFC to book, so stay tuned as we'll be sure to keep you updated with an official confirmation when it becomes available.