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Video: Is Conor McGregor the next Floyd Mayweather? TMT fighters respond

What do the Mayweather boxing gym fighters think about Conor McGregor being compared to Floyd?

Following his impressive knockout over Jose Aldo, there have been a few comparisons made between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. Although their fighting styles are obviously completely different, people have drawn parallels with their star power, smack talk, and tendency to boast about their lavish lifestyles.

Jeff Mayweather went around the Mayweather boxing gym to interview several fighters and coaches about the UFC champ, and whether or not he can be the next Floyd. Watch the video above to see how TMT fighters reacted to a UFC fighter being compared to their stable's top star.

Following his 13 second destruction of Jose Aldo, many people are saying that Conor McGregor is the next big thing in combat sports, comparing him to Floyd Mayweather Jr..

We asked some of the top fighters and trainers inside the Mayweather Boxing Club if they think McGregor is ready to take the torch from Floyd. Eddie Mustafa Muhammad, Nate Jones, Kevin Newman, J'Leon Love, Luis Arias and many more give their thoughts