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Bloody Elbow 2015 Year-End MMA Awards - Best Submission

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Make your pick for the best MMA submission of 2015 in Bloody Elbow's Year-End Awards.

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It's back!

Over the next few days, Bloody Elbow is going to ask for your opinion on some of the best things that have happened in the MMA world over the course of 2015. There will be a total of eight different categories you'll be asked to vote on. For the sake of simplicity we're going to stick with high-level and relevant MMA stuff in these posts. While I'm sure there was a ludicrous knockout in an unscheduled MMA event at The Lumberyard strip club in Des Moines, or an insane pancreas lock submission on an obscure ZST! card in Japan, let's just stick to stuff a lot of us have seen, okay? (If that spiel looked familiar, it's because I've used the same one for five years in a row. Originality? What originality?)

It's pretty simple. I'll post 5-10 options in a category, you vote for what you think was the best. If you think I left something really important off my list, post it in the comments and we can add it to the poll if it's deemed worthy. I can almost guarantee you won't like all my suggestions, but narrowing down these lists is tough.

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's get onto the first poll - the best submission of 2015. There have been some excellent subs all over the MMA landscape this year, and getting the list down to 8 is very difficult. But I did, and here it is.

Luke Rockhold finishes Lyoto Machida, UFC on Fox 15 - This was more about the domination than the actual submission, which was a tad anti-climactic. Rockhold put a hurting on Machida on the ground near the end of the first, to the point that he was still wobbly coming out for the second. After getting him to the floor, Rockhold deftly sunk the choke on an already-broken Machida to get the W.

Fabricio Werdum stops Cain Velasquez with a guillotine, UFC 188 - Velasquez was starting to fade after round two, and was clearly looking for a takedown to bide his time. Werdum let him walk right into a guillotine, which he secured and squeezed until the UFC heavyweight title was his.

Liam McGeary's inverted triangle win over Tito Ortiz, Bellator 142 - Ortiz put the Bellator LHW champ on his back, and dealt with a couple of funky sub attempts from McGeary. But when he moved to side control, McGeary deftly laced up an inverted triangle choke, which forced the UFC Hall of Famer to tap.

Demetrious Johnson armbars Kyoji Horiguchi, UFC 186 - Mighty Mouse was in complete control of the fight for over 24 minutes, but decided to go for the finish in the last minute instead of coasting to the decision win. It looked like it might come by TKO after Johnson secured a crucifix and started dropping leather, but he quickly transitioned to an armbar and got the finish with an incredible one second left on the clock.

Aljamain Sterling stops Takeya Mizugaki with an arm triangle from guard, UFC on Fox 15 - Stuck to Mizugaki's back, Sterling secured an arm triangle as his opponent was trying to squirm out to take top position. With control and a tight squeeze, Sterling was able to get his opponent to tap out to one of the most unique subs of the year.

Godofredo Pepey's flying triangle on Andre Fili, UFC Fight Night 62 - This one was a doozy. Pepey jumped up onto Fili standing, grabbing onto an arm. Fili put him on the mat, which allowed Pepey to secure the triangle. After an adjustment, Fili was forced to tap without actually leaving his feet.

Ronda Rousey finishes Cat Zingano with a quick armbar, UFC 184 - Zingano decided to charge across the octagon to engage with Rousey right away, but it didn't work out so well for her. Rousey flipped her over and finished her with her patented armbar in just 14 seconds.

Keita Nakamura comes back to put Li Jingliang to sleep, UFC Fight Night 75 - After taking a beating in the second round and half of the third, things seemed doomed for K-Taro. But out of nowhere he took Jingliang's back and sunk a choke while he was still on his feet. It seemed like Jingliang had no idea what to do, and he went to sleep while still standing before toppling over, completely unconscious.