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Watch Gabi Garcia spar with Cyborg in prep for MMA debut

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One of the most interesting prospects to hit the women's MMA scene is debuting on New Year's Eve in Japan for Rizin, BJJ world champion Gabi Garcia...

MMA can be a strange place at times. Because of the absolute variety in applicable skills, it tends to attract a much broader range of athletes than most combat sports. At times, on the men's side of things, this has meant bringing in fighters like Giant Silva, or Hong Man Choi, and Zuluzinho. Mammoth competitors afforded the opportunity to test their skills in a sport that often places as much value on raw physical gifts as it does nuanced skill.

That doesn't quite describe Gabi Garcia, however, a legitimately talented world champion BJJ black belt, who just also happens to be one of the largest women to compete in MMA. Or at least she will be when she finally steps into the cage for the first time at Rizin's second ever event on New Year's Eve in Saitama, Japan.

Garcia will take on another MMA newcomer in her debut, Seini Draughn, also known as Lei'D Tapa. Draughn is a professional wrestler, working with TNA and Global Force Wrestling. The 5'11" and (reportedly) 220lb Draughn should make for a much more interesting, if less experienced match for the 6'2" 235lb Garcia. Garcia's originally slated debut opponent, (in December of 2014 for Real Fight Championship) was the 5' 2" 134lb "Giant Killer" Megumi Yabushita. Garcia herself shot down the idea of facing Yabushita as she wanted to avoid as much of the spectacle angle as possible.