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Nick Diaz: McGregor 'would have a hard time with anyone' at 155

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The elder Diaz brother shared his thoughts on his Nate Diaz's win upon returning to the Octagon at UFC on Fox 17, and also spoke about Conor McGregor's lightweight ambitions.

After Nate Diaz scored a victory at UFC on Fox 17: Dos Anjos vs Cerrone, his brother Nick Diaz was interviewed by MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani to gauge his reaction. Diaz defeated Michael Johnson via unanimous decision after a long hiatus that lasted a year and a week.

After speaking about his brother's performance, he offered up a sampling of classic Diaz:

"I don't like to talk bad about anybody I'm not gonna be fighting, but some of these guys are like, okay bro, you're from the hood, the ghetto, you come got your whole getup, stylistically. I'm like come on dude, I wasn't born yesterday. You did not come from some kind of s**t background. You came from some money, you know what I mean? You came from the background of winners and that's great for you, but when you're coming up out of nothing, there's a lot to it. You gotta make ends meet. And that's what you're seeing, someone who's done that."

With his win on Saturday, Nate Diaz improved to 18-10. He's now clamoring for a fight with featherweight champion Conor McGregor. Nick doesn't see a lightweight move being beneficial for McGregor:

"He'd have a hard time with anybody in the lightweight division."

Nick Diaz has not fought since January of this year due to a suspension after a controversial set of drug testing results. He had been suspended for 5 years, but is in the process of getting that reduced.