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Nate Diaz: UFC told me Conor McGregor fight 'is on', American Ninja vs Irish Ninja!

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Shortly after his UFC win, Nate Diaz says he will put on 'real ninja shit' on Conor McGregor next.

When many counted him out, Nate Diaz stepped up and scored a highly impressive win over Michael Johnson at UFC on FOX 17. Shortly after, he went on an expletive-filled rant calling out Conor McGregor on national TV, that had Fox and Joe Rogan cut him off.

He spoke to UFC matchmaker Joe Silva after the contest, and if Diaz is to be believed, the fight with the current featherweight champion will happen.

"He said (the McGregor fight) is on, we're going to do this," Diaz told MMA Fighting. "Hell yeah, they want it. Everybody wants that fight. It's what they want."

"If people want to see a real fight, they know who to call," he said. "I'll train hard and ninja his ass up. Ninja real shit, not no funny fake 'let's fight, but let's be good friends, it's a sport' -- F*ck that, f*ck the sport. This is fight shit. This is ninja shit. That's what people want to see."

Back when he was middleweight champion, Anderson Silva moved up a couple of times to have fun fights in a higher division. I know many would like to see legitimate title fights instead, but I honestly wouldn't mind seeing McGregor do something similar with an entertaining lightweight bout against Diaz. The build up and the in-fight smack talk alone would surely make for good TV.