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Dos Anjos unhappy with Cerrone's IV use: 'He has plenty of stomach to drink beer'

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UFC lightweight champion, Rafael dos Anjos, thinks Donald Cerrone has an unfair advantage over him, but doubts it will change the outcome of their fight.

Rafael dos Anjos
Rafael dos Anjos
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Donald Cerrone has been cleared to use an IV to rehydrate after cutting weight for his title fight against champion Rafael dos Anjos, at UFC on Fox 17 this December 19th. The move appears to have, rubbed Dos Anjos the wrong way.

According to the champion, that gives "Cowboy" an unfair advantage, but it ultimately will not matter, as he believes he will still beat him soundly, like he did the first time they met.

"Of course he has an advantage. Nobody is allowed to do that, just him. "Dos Anjos told Combate. "IV's help a lot when you're recovering weight. But for our fight, it won't make much difference, because it won't change the outcome of the fight. The belt will remain with me. I'm not a doctor, but he has plenty of stomach left to drink beer, party and whatnot. But to lose weight, he needs an IV to get it back. Whatever, if the doctor said he's allowed, then he's allowed. It won't change anything. The title will still be with me and I will show why I'm the champion."

For those who don't know, Donald Cerrone recently told Sherdog that he lost about half of his stomach and six inches of his intestines during a quadricycle accident. "Cowboy" went on to explain he could not process food as easily as most people, which was why he was cleared to use an IV.

Rafael dos Anjos is expected to defend his belt against Donald Cerrone at UFC on Fox 17, on December 19, in Las Vegas.