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Nate Diaz calls out Conor McGregor in epic, expletive-filled rant on national TV

After his win on UFC on FOX 17, Nate Diaz threw a boat load of F-bombs on National TV as he called out the champ Conor McGregor.

Esther Lin

Nate Diaz scored a massive win over Michael Johnson as part of the UFC on FOX 17 main card. While it was truly an impressive performance, what he did immediately after is what stood out even more. As he was interviewed by Joe Rogan, Diaz went on an expletive-filled rant on a national TV to call out the newly minted champ in Conor McGregor.

Most of the subsequent audio has been muted in the Fox broadcast, so if you missed it, here's what he said.

"Conor McGregor, you've taken everything I've worked for, motherf*cker!" Diaz said. "I'ma fight your f*cking ass! You know what's the real fight, the real money fight... Me! Not these clowns you've already punked at the press conference!"

"No one wants to see that, you know you've already beat them mother*ckers! That's the easy fight. You want the real shit, I'm right here!"

This is where Rogan then cut him off, saying "unfortunately you can't talk like that on Fox."

I don't know about you, but if tonight's lightweight champion won't be ready by Feb or March, I wouldn't mind seeing Diaz vs McGregor, as the in-fight trash talk alone will already be worth the price of admission. Sorry, Frankie.