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Video: Coach says Conor McGregor not waiting for UFC 200, wants lightweight title next

According to his coach, Conor McGregor is looking for a quick return in March and April, before competing at UFC 200 in July.

Conor McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo at UFC 194 in spectacular fashion and now people are asking what's next for the newly minted undisputed featherweight champion. During the press conference Conor didn't reveal much on his plans, but says he wants to balance title bouts in two divisions. Now, his coach John Kavanagh has laid out more details on what they're thinking at the moment.

"I do think the next one will be lightweight for the belt," Kavanagh told MMA Fighting. "Maybe that's going to be around April. March, April -- something like that. ... Maybe that and then July, UFC 200. Maybe he'll defend the featherweight belt against Frankie on that card."

"He's never gonna wait until July," Kavanagh said. "Even if I was to suggest it or encourage it, I know it's a pointless effort."

Dana White earlier suggested that McGregor drop the featherweight belt if he plans to challenge for the lightweight title. McGregor shut down that idea, which was also reiterated by his coach on this show as well.

"Everybody's time will come," he said. "Everybody will get their shot against him. People have to be a little patient, but it definitely will come."

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